PlasMap is a little utility for drawing maps of plasmids, small circular strands of DNA found in cells and often used in genetic engineering. The script allows you to color each segment of the plasmid in one of several colors and provide a label for each segment. The output is in resolution-independent Encapsulated PostScript format. This format can be read by Photoshop, Preview, Acrobat, and lots of other programs.

The definition of the plasmid is provided in a separate data text file that is read and interpreted by the script to create the required vectors. In the data file, the user can specify many parameters used in drawing the plasmid, including colors, line thicknesses and lengths, relative radii of the plasmid, and fonts and their sizes. Following these parameters comes the actual definition of the plasmid structure itself. Each segment of the plasmid is on a separate line, with each line specifying the number of wedges in the segment, the segment’s color, and its label if it has one.

PlasMap User Documentation And Script


PlasMap Download

Download a PlasMap zip file containing the PlasMap app, the Perl script, the User Documentation, and two example data files.